Individual Therapy

Trust between therapist and client creates an atmosphere for effective therapy. I am committed to listening carefully and respectfully to facilitate this trust. As a seasoned therapist, I offer insight and direction, while helping clients recognize their strengths and internal sources of wisdom. Common client issues include:

  • facing life transitions and losses
  • managing depression and other debilitating moods
  • relationship problems
  • sexuality and coming out concerns

After more than twenty years of practice, I still feel privileged to witness my clients’ struggles and challenges. My experience and mindfulness practice enhances my sense of compassion and dedication to sharing what I have learned both personally and professionally over time. The ability to listen and respect each individual I see is essential to the bond of trust that creates effective therapy. I share myself, when appropriate, and encourage clients to develop a confidence in their own wisdom that can only come from their authentic self.

Contact me today to learn more about Individual Therapy and let’s talk more about how I can help.